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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Making Bojagi with Artist Youngmin Lee | Asian Art Museum | Education

Making Bojagi with Artist Youngmin Lee | Asian Art Museum | Education

Mosi bojagi for David

David found my website after he saw old bojagi at the museum. Thanks to Google :)
He asked me to make mosi bojagi and here's his bojagi.
I wished him happiness and prosperity while I was making this.

Jeanie, wishing you a happy marragie!

Another person who found me from the website. Her name is Jeanie and she just got married last week.
Congratulations, Jeanie!
She wanted to have something unique for her wedding favors. I made these 5 colors of Bok Jumoni for her.
These 5 colors of pouches were used fro Korean traditional wedding. Korean people put 5 different things in the pouch for happy marriage.

Pink-cotton seeds to wish fertility
Red-red beans to repel evil spirit
Yellow-yellow beans( soy bean) to wish bride's temperament
Blue-sweet rice to wish good marriage
Light Green-juniper bark or millet for constancy

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December news

I've been busy making some commission works last month. And it's already December. Yikes!
From December, Asian Art Museum in SF will play a short video clip in the Korean gallery. If you can go to the museum, you will see my hands and part of bojagi making process over and over again :)
Here's the museum blog tells about Bojagi.
And the special exhibition, In Grand Style is still going on. Hope to see you at the museum sometime!