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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Happy Lunar New Year! 양의해, 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

I forgot how many years that I've been participating this fun celebration. More than 10 years for sure but can't remember when was my first year.... One thing for sure, I had a great time again! Happy Lunar New Year! The year of Ram (or Sheep or Goat)! I was sitting next to the lady who came with her books and sign her book when people purchased them. Her name is Lee (actual name is Eleanor Herz Swent) and we had a great time talking each other. I got her book and this is going to be my next read. I will update you when I finish reading it.

Outside of the museum, there were many live events and this was one of them. Japanese taiko drum.

It surely was a fun day and Happy new year! 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lunar New Year's Day Celebration

Please come and join us to celebrate the Lunar New Year!
2/22/2015 at the Oakland Museum!


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Aloha! 알로하!

19 yards of fabrics and Korean cooking ingredients, these were packed in my luggage and I left home for Hawaii. Do you remember my friend, Carlene? She found me on internet and left a message in my voice mail when I went to Maui a few years ago. She was living in Hawaii and this is how our friendship started. We met each other in Santa Clara when she visited the Bay area and she introduced me to Peter Macuso, PIQF organizer. The next year, I started teaching bojagi workshops at PIQF! I saw her a couple more times when she visited the Bay area and I finally decided to visit her in Hawaii.
옷감 19마와 고추장, 고추가루, 떡볶이 떡, 마른 멸치, 다시마 등등의 식재료를 넣은 여행가방을 꾸려서 하와이로 향했습니다. Carlene을 기억하세요? 어느날 마우이에 여행을 와서 집에 전화 메세지를 확인하면서 인연이 닿은 하와이에 사는 제 친구입니다. 그후 베이지역으로 그녀가 왔을때 산타클라라의 퀼트쇼에 가서 처음 만나고 또 그녀의 도움으로 PIQF퀼트쇼에서 보자기를 가르치게 되었지요. 언젠가 하와이에 가서 그녀를 만나리라 생각하고 있다가 어느날 미루지말고 가자! 하는 마음으로 여행을 떠났습니다.
The day I arrived, I was amazed how beautiful her house is! And she hanged her art quilts almost every corner of her house. This is one of her beautiful works. Mosi(ramie) bojagi window hanging!
도착해서 그녀의 집에 들어선 순간 아름다운 집에 놀라고 또 멋진 그녀의 퀼트가 집안 구석구석을 채우고 있는것에 또한번 감탄을 했답니다! 물론 아름다운 모시 조각보 까지도요!

Next two days, Carlene and I were busy dyeing fabrics during the day and Korean cooking at nights.
As I mentioned, I washed 19 yards of fabrics at home and took them with me. I ended up dyeing 2 more yards of linen from Carlene's bolt. Solid colors with 2-3 different shades and fun ice dyeing were so much fun! 
그후 이틀간 낮에는 염색을, 밤에는 한국음식파티를 하느라 분주 분주 했답니다. 집에서 가져간 19마의 옷감외에도 리넨 두마를 더 얻어 단색부터 그라데이션 그리고 얼음염색까지 신나는 시간을 보냈지요!

This is Carlene, my dear friend and the wonderful teacher!
멋진 친구이자 염색선생님, Carlene입니다!

After the dye class, we quickly changed our mode to Korean cooking! I bought a couple of ingredients that Carlene couldn't get in the island and we took a trip to the local market in the morning for other ingredients. She invited some of her good neighbors and friends to participated in chopping and mixing ingredients. Everybody took a part of making dishes and we all ate together while enjoying each other's company.
염색을 다 마치고 얼른 요리와 손님맞이로 저녁을 시작합니다. 하와이서 구하기 힘든 고추장과 몇가지를 빼고는 대부분의 재료를 동네 가게에 가서 사왔지요. 그리고 Carlene의 친구들이 하나둘씩 도착하고 모두들 재료를 씻고 썰고 굽고 볶으며 분주한 시간을 보냈지요. 음식이 완성되고 둘러앉아 함께 먹으니 얼마나 즐거운지요!
It was wonderful to see my dear friend is happy with her good friends!
Next posting will be about the result of dyeing and bojagi class in lanai and more adventure. 
Stay Tuned! 
제 친구가 좋은 이웃과 친구들에 둘러싸여 있는걸 보니 참 좋습니다!
염색결과와 라나이에서 바다를 보며 하는 보자기 클래스 그리고 더많은 얘기들은 다음 포스팅에서 보시게 되겠습니다!

Facebook Art Challenge

A few days ago, dear friend invited me to this fun activity. I've been seeing lots of art works from talented artists as a part of this lately. It is called Facebook Art Challenge. I was challenged to post 3 images of my work for 5 days, and to invite a new artist each day to do the same. I was nominated by Nancy Crasco who is a well known with her fiber art. I met her last year at Korea Bojagi Forum in Korea and I was very impressed by her beautiful but strong voiced art works. After the forum we spent a few more days together for Seoul tour and I found that she is warm hearted person. I feel fortunate to attend the forum and met so many wonderful artists and good friends. 
If you check my Facebook page, you can see my works and who I nominate to keep this fun challenge!
Happy sewing!