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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Making Bojagi with Artist Youngmin Lee | Asian Art Museum | Education

Making Bojagi with Artist Youngmin Lee | Asian Art Museum | Education

Mosi bojagi for David

David found my website after he saw old bojagi at the museum. Thanks to Google :)
He asked me to make mosi bojagi and here's his bojagi.
I wished him happiness and prosperity while I was making this.

Jeanie, wishing you a happy marragie!

Another person who found me from the website. Her name is Jeanie and she just got married last week.
Congratulations, Jeanie!
She wanted to have something unique for her wedding favors. I made these 5 colors of Bok Jumoni for her.
These 5 colors of pouches were used fro Korean traditional wedding. Korean people put 5 different things in the pouch for happy marriage.

Pink-cotton seeds to wish fertility
Red-red beans to repel evil spirit
Yellow-yellow beans( soy bean) to wish bride's temperament
Blue-sweet rice to wish good marriage
Light Green-juniper bark or millet for constancy

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December news

I've been busy making some commission works last month. And it's already December. Yikes!
From December, Asian Art Museum in SF will play a short video clip in the Korean gallery. If you can go to the museum, you will see my hands and part of bojagi making process over and over again :)
Here's the museum blog tells about Bojagi.
And the special exhibition, In Grand Style is still going on. Hope to see you at the museum sometime!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Assembly line

Cutting fabrics, putting them in a zipper bag and cutting more....
I am making 60 material kits for my upcoming Bojagi workshop next week.
PIQF, October 17-19, 2013!
I will spend some time to teach, meet my friend and shop some cool sewing gadgets.
If you are in SF Bay area, come and visit! You will need comfortable shoes!

옷감을 자르고, 봉지에 넣고 또 자르고.... 네, 바빠요!
워크샵 재료봉지 60개를 만듭니다.
정신없지만 클래스에서 새로 만날 학생들과 오랜 친구와의 상봉 그리고 쇼핑생각에 피곤을 잊어요.
편한신발을 신고 구경 오세요!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Playing with colors

I feel being a true Korean when I play with these primary colors of Saekdong (multi colored fabric, 색동)! When I was 7, my hanbok (Korean costume, 한복) was a combination of saekdong jeogori with red chima (skirt, 치마). My aunt owned a Korean fabric store in Seoul and she used to sent us hanbok for Chuseok. I remember when I were my pink Gapsa (silk gauze with pattern, 갑사) hanbok, my mom said I looked like Chunhyang :)
색동속에 있는 원색들을 보면 잊었던 어린시절이 생각납니다. 일곱살때 입던 한복은 색동저고리에 빨간 치마였었지요. 포목점을 하시던 고모덕에 추석이면 예쁜 한복을 얻어 입었지요. 분홍갑사 치마저고리를 입은 해에는 엄마가 춘향이보다 더 곱다고 하셨지요 :)

I just finished these gift pouches with drawstring for Asian Art Museum gift store. When the AAM opens a special exhibition in October 25th, you can see my colorful products at the gift shop there. These are called flower petal pouch in Korea (꽃잎 주머니).
샌 프란시스코의 아시안 아트 뮤지엄 샵에 들어갈 색동 주머니들입니다. 꽃잎모양으로 오무려진다고 꽃잎주머니라고 하지요. 작은 파우치들은 옷고름 모양의 끈이 달려있지요. 이참에 뮤지엄 샵 직원들에게 옷고름매는 방법을 가르쳐줘야겠군요. 블로그에서도 가르쳐드릴까요?
Wanna see more products? I made smaller pouches with Ot go reum (옷고름) style strap. I think I have to teach the gift shop staffs how to tie this. Would you like to learn how to tie this, too?

Friday, September 27, 2013

Gift wrap bojagi coming soon at Asian Art Museum!

Have you been to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco recently? Upcoming special exhibition, In Grand Style is around the corner! I am very excited to see such a treasures from Korea.
And I have a news to share with you all, too! My gift wrap bojagi products will be at the museum shop in October!
Want to see what will be there? I will show you a few samples. I am working on more items this week. Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bojagi DVD is coming soon! Indiegogo campaign info

It will come out soon! My producer Andrew Galli and I are starting our Indiegogo campaign.
This is a fundraiser to cover our product cost and you can get some discount as our appreciation. Please check out the page and enjoy some information about this DVD. If you can support, I will shout "Gamsahapnida"

Sunday, August 4, 2013

One Step Closer to my BOJAGI DVD

2 out of 3 projects are done in DVD! One more to go and some other works left. It's been very interesting and  busy summer this year. Many changes, meeting new people and became friends each other.... Life is good and I am enjoying every single moments. Whether it's a happy moment or not, I have to cherish my long journey of my life. Sometimes I can plan and control but many times I have to confront unexpected things. But if life goes only as I planned and expected, I wouldn't be able to have some joys in my life.
Please stay tuned! The moment is coming and I would like to celebrate with all of you!!

3 개의 프로젝트 중에 2개를 다 찍었어요! 하나 더 찍고 나머지 작업을 하면 완성입니다. 이 여름은 분주했지만 의미있는 날들이었어요. 많은 변화와 새로운 만남 그과정에 친구가 더 생겼고.... 인생에 작은 순간들도 감사하고 즐겁게 생각하려고 늘 노력합니다. 계획을 세우고 실천하면서 살려고 하지만 예기치 않은 일 들은 늘생기지요. 좋든 어렵든 그순간들도 받아들이며 살아가는게  말만큼 쉬운일은 아니지만 그래도 깜짝 놀라는 순간들도 있어야 삶이 지루하지 않지요.
자, 조금만 더 기다려 주세요! 곧 기쁜 마음으로 건배를 하며 즐길 순간이 올겁니다!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stiring my dye tub

A few weeks ago, I took a special workshop about dyeing. And guess what? I am hooked!
The reason I learn this was because of the fabric supply for bojagi. For me, it's not that difficult to get fabrics from Korea but I have to have a suggestion for the people who are living in different part of the world. My producer, Andrew Galli arranged the workshop with Ana Lisa Hedstrom (she is well known shibori artist!) and I had a great time at her studio.
First, I did tea dye and got a range of beautiful browns. I am developing this brown but not boring bojagi. Tea gave all different hues of brown color to these silk, cotton, hemp and ramie fabric.

These are my newly dyed stash of fabrics. I used fiber reactive dyes and silk acid dye.

One of my projects in my DVD will show the bojagi made with my own hand dyed fabrics. It was wonderful that I can create my own color combinations from dying process. Audrey said that this tub looks like Miyokgook (seaweed soup)  :)

I dyed more and more after I came back home and now I have a boxful of hand dyed silk fabrics. I only need more time to sew!

I will be back with finished project soon! Hint!! This will be my DVD project!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

working on mailing list for my bojagi DVD

I am working on making a mailing list for Boajgi DVD announcement.
If you want to get an email about my DVD progress, send me an email to young@youngminlee.com
I will send you updates!