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Monday, December 13, 2010

Life is Good

December always makes me feel anxious. As soon as December starts( even before it starts actually), I change my mode into holiday and busy decorating, buying presents, planning for holidays. I start to making to-do list everyday and it help me calm down every time I feel in a hurry. Last week, I was saving my whole day for a special person and savored the time with her.

Her name is Lucy, she came from Mexico city to meet me!( I know she has other plans in her mind, too. But she saved one day especially for me as I did :)
Couple months ago I got an email from her that she wants to learn about Bojagi.
I've done this distance class with Kim in Seattle years ago so we started Bojagi class via mail.
I sent her materials and the instructions and she sent me back the project that she has done.
Sending and receiving mails took longer that we anticipated since we are eager to hear from each other. She is a patchwork teacher in Mexico and recently taught a course about the patchworks around the world. I was thrilled when she asked me about teaching Bojagi as a part of the course.
When she came to my house last week, I felt that I've known her long time.
We talked about Bojagi, sewing, culture and Bojagi again.
She surprised me with her own creations. She brought me a handmade wallet wrapped in a blue linen Bojagi! She understood so well about the meaning and use of Bojagi.We went to Korean restaurant for lunch and after trying 2 places(funny they both closed on Monday) we finally has soon du bu( spicy tofu soup) and grilled mackerel at the third restaurant.
After the lunch we started our 3rd project, flower shape pin cushion. Time went too fast so we couldn't finish the project. But Lucy got an idea of making it so she will finish it at home.
I wish we had more time just sewing but it got dark already so I drove her back to her friend's place. We had so many things in common and sewing was just one thing out of them. On the way home I felt so happy to have a friend who shares passion of Bojagi. Now I dream the day I visit her studio in Mexico city. Some day!

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