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Friday, October 14, 2011

Abundance of colors

I was busy playing with colors this week, again.
The museum of folk art and craft in San Francisco wanted to have some of my works at the museum shop so I tried to bring up many different ideas using bojagi technique.
These are some of the products I dropped off this afternoon.
Many different sizes of pin cushions-  some are cupcake shape and some are as tiny as mochi.
또 바쁜 한주가 후딱 지나가버렸다.
샌프란시스코의 포크아트와 크래프트 뮤지엄 스토어에  보자기관련 물건들을 선보이느라 콩튀듯 팥튀듯하며 바느질과 씨름을 하기를 몇 주나 했나보다.
이번엔 다른 크기와 종류의 바늘방석을 만들어 보았다-꽃모양, 컵케잌 모양 그리고 모찌 같이 앙증맞은 것까지.

 I thought I can show them and let Amelia choose what she wants to carry at the store but she grabbed all of them! And told me that some of them will go home with her :)
뮤지엄 스토어의 아멜리아가 고를 수 있게 여러가지를 가져갔는데 그만 다 두고 가라고 해서 빈가방만 들고 집으로! 그중 몇개는 자기집으로 갈거라고 찜하는 걸 보고 웃으면서 나왔다. 

 This is the treat that I came back with! Beard Papa's cream puff!! La Dolce Vita!!!
바트타러 가는 길에 들러 사온 크림퍼프! 인생은 달콤한 것!!


lucy said...

Of course she couldn´t resist them, they are beautiful!!
Congratulations for such a beautiful pojagi works! I like all them too:)

Bojagi said...

Thanks, Lucy!
Now I am looking forward to see you again tomorrow!