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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hello from Korea

It has been almost a month that I am in here, Korea.
My family is trying hard to cope but my mother-in-law still is having a very difficult time.
I am staying with her to help her out until she gets better.
Last week I went to Gwangjang sijang in Seoul. This is the biggest market place for Korean traditional fabrics. 
I bought a few bolts of moshi( Korean ramie) and sevral yards of myungju(fine Korean silk).
한국에 온지도 벌써 한달이 다되어가나보다.
온가족 모두 이 힘든시간을 이겨나가려고 애쓰고 있지만 시어머니는 아직도 많이 힘들어 하고 계셔서 시댁에 좀 더 머무르며 도와드리고 있다.
지난주엔 광장시장에 가서 모시와 명주를 구해왔다.

I have limited supplies of sewing but that doesn't discouraged me from making a new piece.
There are seven companion of women in old story in Korea.
 Needle, ruler, scissors, flat iron, iron, thread and thimble.
바느질 도구가 다 갖춰진 건 아니지만 그렇다고 시작 못할 이유는 없지!
뿔칼대신 내 긴 손톱을 쓰고 구구단이 인쇄된 작은 책받침은 커팅매트로 

I got my eighth companion for my sewing!
Why I didn't get this companion earlier?
게다가 새로 생긴 나의 여덟번째 규중팔우!
돋보기가 바느질을 이렇게 쉽고 편하게 해 주는데 왜 진작 쓰질 않았을까?

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