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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stiring my dye tub

A few weeks ago, I took a special workshop about dyeing. And guess what? I am hooked!
The reason I learn this was because of the fabric supply for bojagi. For me, it's not that difficult to get fabrics from Korea but I have to have a suggestion for the people who are living in different part of the world. My producer, Andrew Galli arranged the workshop with Ana Lisa Hedstrom (she is well known shibori artist!) and I had a great time at her studio.
First, I did tea dye and got a range of beautiful browns. I am developing this brown but not boring bojagi. Tea gave all different hues of brown color to these silk, cotton, hemp and ramie fabric.

These are my newly dyed stash of fabrics. I used fiber reactive dyes and silk acid dye.

One of my projects in my DVD will show the bojagi made with my own hand dyed fabrics. It was wonderful that I can create my own color combinations from dying process. Audrey said that this tub looks like Miyokgook (seaweed soup)  :)

I dyed more and more after I came back home and now I have a boxful of hand dyed silk fabrics. I only need more time to sew!

I will be back with finished project soon! Hint!! This will be my DVD project!

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