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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Facebook Art Challenge

A few days ago, dear friend invited me to this fun activity. I've been seeing lots of art works from talented artists as a part of this lately. It is called Facebook Art Challenge. I was challenged to post 3 images of my work for 5 days, and to invite a new artist each day to do the same. I was nominated by Nancy Crasco who is a well known with her fiber art. I met her last year at Korea Bojagi Forum in Korea and I was very impressed by her beautiful but strong voiced art works. After the forum we spent a few more days together for Seoul tour and I found that she is warm hearted person. I feel fortunate to attend the forum and met so many wonderful artists and good friends. 
If you check my Facebook page, you can see my works and who I nominate to keep this fun challenge!
Happy sewing!

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