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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

EBHQ workshops

Last 2 weeks of busy days were full of excitement! One of the biggest things was EBHQ workshops and a lecture.  I met Ellen from SDA small group meeting a few years ago and she suggested to teach at her guild, EBHQ. And she invited me for this time.
지난 2주간 몹시 바빴습니다. 그중 젤 큰일하나는 EBHQ 워크샵과 보자기 강의였지요. 몇년전 어느 작은 모임에서 Ellen을 만나고 그 인연이 이렇게 가르치는 기회가 되어 돌아왔답니다.

I was excited but at the same time worried a bit. Because EBHQ is well known as their quilt shows and many talented members.
On Saturday early morning, I drove to Albany and 3 wonderful ladies greeted me. Marty was a workshop chair person who took care of me so well!
Arleen and Barbara helped moving all the chairs and arrange the workshop room so we can start on time.
Mosi, ramie jogakbo was a bit complicated to learn ( but only at the beginning part) but everybody was very patient and eager to learn this new technique.
At lunch time, we sat around the big tables and talk about our common interests.
Since I was teaching this workshop as a hand sewing/ stitching class, I made many people tired at the end of the day. However I don't doubt that people will have a difficult time to finish the project. These ladies are group of experienced and talented quilters anyway!
EBHQ에서 가르칠 수 있게된 일은 신나지만 실력있는 퀼터들로 알려진 이그룹을 가르치려니 좀 긴장이 되는 건 사실이었답니다. 토요일 아침일찍 짐을 싸서 워크샵 장소로 갔지요. Marty와 Arleen 그리고 Barbara가 저를 맞아 워크샵 준비를 도와주네요. 모시조각보를 가르치면서 시접의 크기와 방향을 따지면서 진지한 하루를 보냈답니다. 점심시간에는 큰 테이블에 둘러앉아 공통관심사를 나누면서 즐겁게 보냈지요. 손바느질을 하다보니 생각보다 빨리 피로가 몰려오는지 다들 파김치가 되어버렸답니다. 하지만 프로젝트를 완성시키는데는 아무 문제 없을겁니다. 다들 경험많은 노련한 퀼터들이거든요.

After take a break on Sunday, I drove again to the workshop location. This time Marty and Jean helped setting up. The project that I taught on Monday was Sukgosa (Korean silk) jogakbo. Some people took Mosi Jogakbo workshop and some came for this project only. I reunited with Mary and Roberta (sisters who are well known as quilt teachers and authors) and Stacy. They took my mosi jogakbo class at PIQF 2013. This time they all encountered a new material, Sukgosa and stitched many colorful silk pieces together. Presence of Mary and Roberta gave a mixed feeling. Excitement, nervousness and comfort all at the same time :)
월요일 아침 다시 차를 몰고 워크샵 장소로 달려갔지요. Marty와 Jean이 저를 맞아주네요. 이번엔 숙고사 조각보입니다. 토요일에 이어 다시 돌아온 사람들도 있고 새로운 얼굴들도 보였습니다. Mary와 Roberta 자매와 Stacy를 여기서 다시 만났습니다. 2013년에 PIQF퀼트쇼 클래스에 와서 모시 조각보를 배웠던 이들입니다. 그중 Mary와 Roberta 자매는 퀼트계에 아주 잘 알려진 선생님이면서 퀼트책을 여러권 써낸 작가들입니다. 그들 자매를 가르치는 건 여러가지 느낌을 한꺼번에 주지요. 흥분되고 긴장되게 만들지만 제뒤를 든든히 받쳐주는 사랍들입니다.

In between the workshop and a evening EBHQ meeting, I had nice dinner with Ellen who invited me. 
After strolling on Solano avenue, I was ready for my bojagi lecture. I thought I was..... But when I went into the church that has EBHQ's monthly meeting, I saw many people and got nervous! But many familiar faces greeted me as I am their old friends. I've been known most of them for just 2-3 days. When the lights were off, it was my turn to tell them a story about Bojagi and I survived. 
What a weekend! I had so much fun sharing bojagi with many people and met wonderful people. Now my wish list gets longer (wish for happiness of the people that I met through bojagi) and my story about bojagi will get longer and longer.
워크샵을 마무리하고 엘렌과 잠시 이른저녁을 같이하며 긴장과 피로를 풀었지요. 솔라노 거리를 거닐면서 편안한 마음을 다시 찾은 저는 EBHQ월례미팅이 열리는 교회로 향했습니다. 건물에 발을 들여놓는 순간 또 긴장이 되었지요.... 하지만 아는 얼굴들이 여기저기서 십년지기처럼 인사를 하면서 제맘을 편하게 해주었습니다. 소개를 받고 불이 꺼지고 파워포인트 슬라이드가 시작되고.... 어찌어찌 끝났습니다. 살았다.....
보자기를 나누며 새로운 사람들을 만나고 그들의 행복을 기원하는 제 위시리스트는 점점 길어집니다. 

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