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Thursday, December 31, 2015

December adventure

I took a road trip to Utah and Arizona last week. Zion canyon, Antelope canyon, Monument Valley, Sedona and Scottsdale were places I went to. At the Zion canyon, I took a short trail in the rain and it cleared my busy mind. Rain made the morning very mystic and peaceful.
Antelope canyon was the one that I wanted to see the most during this trip and I enjoyed a lot. I took a guided tour and our Navajo descent guide herded the group down to very steep stairs. After 10-15 steps down I was surrounded by beautiful spiral rock arches. Every corner was beautiful and I was busy taking pictures. Somehow camera lens was taking more colors from the scene and made very dramatic pictures. 

After this Mother Nature's creation, we drove a few more hours to see another place called Monument Valley. Another place runs by navajo tribe people, We drove around the Monument Valley and stayed right next to it. The hotel we stayed has a magnificent view of the valley. 

It was windy, cold and sometimes snow was falling but again, it was very peaceful. My hotel room has several artworks and a few of them caught my eyes. Navajo dye chart and a rug they made.

The next morning I went to the gift shop and found Navajo rugs. I could only afford very small one but I am happy to bring it with me to my home. It's in my living room with lots of memories and I appreciate Navajo woman's craftsmanship every time I pass that room.

I went to Sedona and enjoyed another scenery that makes you feel calm.

The last day I went to Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West in Scottsdale. My travel buddy (my husband) is very fond of Fran Lloyd Wright's style. We took a tour in Chicago (Robie house), Pittsburgh (Falling water) before and this Taliesin West in Scottsdale was a main reason that we pack and drove over 2200 miles in one week. As always my husband found his favorite room in the house we took a tour and it was nice to see him happy.

After a week long, 2200+ mile driving road trip I am sitting in my favorite corner of my house and say good bye to 2015.
It's been a busy but wonderful year and I am looking forward to have another one.
Happy New Year! The year of Monkey!

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