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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lunar New Year celebration at the Oakland Museum

It is nice that we can celebrate New Year twice a year! I went to the Oakland Museum of California to participate in LNY celebration. Many people call this Chinese New Year but other countries are celebrating it, too. Koreans call the Lunar New Year's day Seollal. Making some special foods and give a respect to ancestors and wish for happiness, prosperity and good health of their family and friends. In Korea, many people visit their parents or grandparent to celebrate the holiday together. This causes big traffic jam in major highways in Korea every year. 
This year at the Oakland Museum, I met museum visitors by leading "community bojagi" activity. I cut Obangseak (오방색), the five cardinal colors silk fabrics. Yellow, Blue, White, Red, Black of 5 colors represent 5 cardinal directions. 
At the end of the day I got many pieces from many people and ready to make it into a big bojagi. Everybody put their effort, time and good wishes into this project and I am excited to share this powerful and meaningful bojagi soon!

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