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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Where my April went?

Where did my April went? May is around the corner.... I didn't just being lazy in April but time was faster than I moved around. I went to Mt. Tam quilt guild in Marin county for Bojagi talk and met wonderful people there. I also went to EBMQ ( East Bay Modern Quilters, Stitch Modern) to share bojagi. Their wonderful quilts are showing at the Piedmont  Center for Art right now. If you haven't seen their annual quilt show yet, you have time until May 8! Don't miss this! I enjoyed every single works there. https://eastbaymodernquilters.com/
I met this wonderful quilter at the talk and inspired. Here's Sujata Shar's blog page. http://therootconnection.blogspot.com/
It was very interesting to see how someone's artworks reflects the culture and tradition. From my bojagi and from Sujata's quilts!
Everyday is happy day because I learn about something new that I never imagined. I am looking forward to my happy May!

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