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Friday, July 8, 2011

For Alice

 Starting July with big smile!
I got an email from Alice who found me in this sea of the information.
I was so happy that someone is actually reading my blog.
She wanted to learn how to do bojagi and I am going to give her special lessons.
흐뭇한 마음과 웃음으로 7월을  시작했다!
이 넓은 정보의 바다에서 Alice는 어떻게 나를 찾아냈을까?
이메일을 받고는 누군가가 내 블로그를 읽는구나 하고 기쁜 마음이 들었다. 
그녀를 위해 아주 특별한 수업을 시작할까 한다.

 Make the crease line using this tool, hera marker.

 Put 2 pieces(A+B) of the fabric together from the outside and pin them.

Sew them together using 'Gamchimjil'( overcasting stitch or whip stitch in English) technique.
Start form the back fabric and move to the left.

Open the seam line and iron it( Do this every time  after sewing 2 pieces together)

Now, put (A+B) and C fabric together and do gamchimjil.

And iron it again.

Put (A+B+C)+ D together and sew 3 corners.

I didn't take picture but did iron it again!
Stuff this much!
And finish the last corner with same old gamchimjil :)

Make Bakji( bat figure) with 2x2 inch square fabric. I ran out of time.... so Alice, check my older posting about Bakji! and sew on the corner of pin cushion :)

I will update this part when I am back home.
Now, I am packing and will be back soon!

1 comment:

Penny Chattey said...

I'm so excited to find your blog! I am in the UK and am taking Jogakbo classes at the Korean Cultural Centre in London. I really love it!
I have to say that making bakji is sooooo difficult for me but your instructions are very good. However, I am still a little unsure about how to stitch them.....I need more patience!
Thank you for such an interesting and inspirational blog!