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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Multi tasking

I went to the library the other day to check out some books and found that I have $6.60 fine for almost 2 years. 
I had no idea that I did late return. Shame on me!
Lucky me that they didn't add interests as banks or credit card companies do.
After clear my record, I checked out a audio book, 28 CDs for just one book!
I started to listen to these CDs while I sew. 
Voila! Eureka!
I was able to work hours without distracting!
Usually I have so many things to think and some of my thoughts just kept me from keep working on one thing but since I listened to the story that I like, I hardly thing of anything else!
I am on CD 15 of total 28 now and I know what to listen next time.
I can finish 6 books that I was reading last 5 years in much shorter time.
And I can finish my on going projects sooner!
I finally would say that I am a multitasking person!!!

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