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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baby is sick.....

 연극이 끝나고....
마지막 정리하는 날 치우고 나더니 그만 감기가 걸렸네요.
학교서 하는 연극에 의상담당으로 정말 열심히 바느질을 한게 지난 1월부터 였으니 아플만도 하다싶어요.  19세기 러시아가 배경인 연극이니 긴드레스, 테일코트 이런거 만드느라 방바닥에 발디딜틈이 없었지요. 연극이 막상 시작되니 할일은 없어도 무대뒤에서 늘 대기하고 있기를 일주일을 했어요.
좋아서 하는 일을 찾으니 귀엽네요.
얼른 나가서 닭한마리사다가 슾이나 끓여 먹여야 겠어요!
  The show is over.....
She came home late on the last night of the show. They stayed until 1 am to clean all the sets and costumes. When she came back home I knew that she caught something....She was busy sewing since January and I heard sewing machine sound almost everyday and night.
 She only asked my help for once when she was having a hard time gathering. I am very proud of my daughter who made so many costumes for this play and her positive attitude!
I am going out to the grocery for chicken noodle soup ingredients!

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