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Monday, May 7, 2012

Bojagi Class at Clair Lilienthal school in SF

Yes, time flies especially when you are having fun!
I got an email from the teacher in Claire Lilienthal school in SF in January.
She was looking for an artist who can teach Korean cultural art.
I've met one class last year when I helped out MOCFA's bojagi event and students were eager to learn how to make bojagi.
With that experience, I knew that I can have fun with these students again :)
 I was excited about 10 weeks of fun course!
I made a list of the projects, got materials and made a sample for the first project.
For the first project, I decided to use cotton fabric instead of silk or linen because cotton is easier to handle.
I chose bright colors of cotton and started to cut them into small squares and rectangles.
I had to prepare for 70 kids so cutting fabrics took me a whole day!
The first project was a coaster using a jogakbo technique.
I taught them how to make a knot, gamchimjil( whip stitches in English) and put needdles back to the magnet when you are not using it.
Each class has few parent volunteers and they were wonderful!
Hard to imagine teaching 20/34/16 kids without their help.
At the first day of the class, I was relieved that I can use Korean during the class!
Here's our project #1!
I am very proud of these students!
Project #2 is coming soon!

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