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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another news from the bragging mom

Yes, it's another bragging moment for a proud mom!
My daughter is always busy making things.
Regardless of whether it's during school days or summer break, her sewing machine doesn't stop running.
Now she is a young entrepreneur!
She opened her own Etsy shop a couple weeks ago and sales are happening :)
Here are some of her products.
또다시 딸자랑 입니다. ㅎㅎ!
아시다시피 제아이는 늘 뭔가를 만드느라고 바쁘지요.
학기중에도 방학때에도 재봉틀이 멈출 새가 없지요.
이젠 창업을 했습니다!
This is a detachable Peter Pan collar with ribbons-so far this one is her bestseller!
탈부착이 가능한 피터팬칼라-베스트 셀러입니다!
 This one is upcycled ribbon hair band made from old necktie.
헌 넥타이를  이용해 만든 리본이 달린 머리띠 이구요,
 And this one is a over sized wool bow hairband.
넉넉한 사이즈가 특징인 머리띠도 있습니다.
You can see more cool things at her website here!
궁금하시면 웹사이트에 직접가보세요! 여기요!

Again, I am a proud mom of an artist! 
이상, 아티스트 딸자랑에 바쁜 어미였습니다!

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