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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Assembly line

Cutting fabrics, putting them in a zipper bag and cutting more....
I am making 60 material kits for my upcoming Bojagi workshop next week.
PIQF, October 17-19, 2013!
I will spend some time to teach, meet my friend and shop some cool sewing gadgets.
If you are in SF Bay area, come and visit! You will need comfortable shoes!

옷감을 자르고, 봉지에 넣고 또 자르고.... 네, 바빠요!
워크샵 재료봉지 60개를 만듭니다.
정신없지만 클래스에서 새로 만날 학생들과 오랜 친구와의 상봉 그리고 쇼핑생각에 피곤을 잊어요.
편한신발을 신고 구경 오세요!

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