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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Playing with colors

I feel being a true Korean when I play with these primary colors of Saekdong (multi colored fabric, 색동)! When I was 7, my hanbok (Korean costume, 한복) was a combination of saekdong jeogori with red chima (skirt, 치마). My aunt owned a Korean fabric store in Seoul and she used to sent us hanbok for Chuseok. I remember when I were my pink Gapsa (silk gauze with pattern, 갑사) hanbok, my mom said I looked like Chunhyang :)
색동속에 있는 원색들을 보면 잊었던 어린시절이 생각납니다. 일곱살때 입던 한복은 색동저고리에 빨간 치마였었지요. 포목점을 하시던 고모덕에 추석이면 예쁜 한복을 얻어 입었지요. 분홍갑사 치마저고리를 입은 해에는 엄마가 춘향이보다 더 곱다고 하셨지요 :)

I just finished these gift pouches with drawstring for Asian Art Museum gift store. When the AAM opens a special exhibition in October 25th, you can see my colorful products at the gift shop there. These are called flower petal pouch in Korea (꽃잎 주머니).
샌 프란시스코의 아시안 아트 뮤지엄 샵에 들어갈 색동 주머니들입니다. 꽃잎모양으로 오무려진다고 꽃잎주머니라고 하지요. 작은 파우치들은 옷고름 모양의 끈이 달려있지요. 이참에 뮤지엄 샵 직원들에게 옷고름매는 방법을 가르쳐줘야겠군요. 블로그에서도 가르쳐드릴까요?
Wanna see more products? I made smaller pouches with Ot go reum (옷고름) style strap. I think I have to teach the gift shop staffs how to tie this. Would you like to learn how to tie this, too?

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