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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Class is going on (1)

They all started from threading shiny silk thread to a tiny eye of the needle.
And learned how to make a knot at the end of the thread.
I don't grade nor give homework out but everybody is eager to sew, iron and finish!
Seeing each student's color choice is very interesting. I would say color choice shows their personality! Some people choose safe combinations and some choose bold and wild colors.

다들 시작은 미끄러운 비단실을 작은 바늘귀에 끼우는데서 출발했답니다.
그리고 실 한쪽끝에 작은 매듭을 짓는걸 배웠구요.
점수를 매기지도 숙제를 내주지도 않지만 제 학생들은 늘 부지런합니다!
 색을 고르고 구성을 하고 다들 개성이 드러나는 걸 전 즐겁게 관찰하지요!

Pin cushions and small thimbles, they all show unique personalities of my students.
바늘방석에도 조그마한 골무에도 개성과 정성이 배어있답니다. 

Recently finished BOK JUMONI( pouch for happiness and prosperity).
최근 수업시간에 완성한 복 주머니입니다.


lucy said...

You are a great teacher, your students must be having a lot of fun.
I love your projects!! Congratulations to all.

Bojagi said...

Thanks, Lucy!
It is a blessing that we can share things with people who love sewing, right?

lucy said...

I am totally agree!