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Monday, October 1, 2012

Seven friends

I have seven good friends that I can't tell who is more important that others for me.
These have been my company while I was sewing and making bojagi in my studio. 
규중칠우 쟁론기를 기억하세요?
바늘, 실, 자, 인두, 다리미, 골무 그리고 가위가 규방여인네들의 일곱 친구이지요.
제게도 이 일곱친구들이 보자기작업실의 소중한 친구입니다.

A needle, thread, a ruler, a small iron, a big iron, a thimble and a pair of scissors are my seven friends.

There's old Korean story about seven friends of women.
One night they argued about who is the best friend of women and they all have the reason to prove themselves.  The sewing lady heard their argument and scolded them and fell asleep. They all complained about how people don't appreciate those seven friends' hard work. when the sewing lady heard them again, old thimble apologized and saved all seven friends' lives.
The story has lots of metaphor and all the characters are talking like people.
I wish I can translate in English well about the the story...... 

Here I found the picture of the seven friends.


Indoo and darimi

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