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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thai cooking class #2

Next Saturday, people might show up at Somkid's house and demand more class!
Beause our fun Thai cooking class was over last Saturday.....
I was busy washing mint and cilantro. Emi's knife was busy jullianning green onions and bell pepper.
Rachel stirred coconut milk with patience. Paul cooked pork butt with panang curry.

We made 2 yummy dishes again.

Here's our first dish Larb Neau.
Ground beef with mint, cilantro, shallot, green onion salad. Lettuce was a perfect match with this mouth watering dish!
Simple seasoning with fish sauce and oyster sauce worked well and Kid's fresh made galanga, rice and pepper powder worked like floo powder. They lead us to the gourmet Thai kitchen!

The second dish was Panang!
Whenever my family go to Kid's house for dinner, I am the one who takes left over panang home :)
I am so happy to learn this so I can cook for my family without bothering Kid.
At the class, we used thin sliced pork butt.
We had a judge for our food( Thai language teacher and his wife) and out panang won the first place!!!

Today I cooked larb neau and panang again for my family and this time I used chicken and it tasted wonderful!

P.S. I have to confess this though......
I bought the wrong ingredient so had to run to the market twice.
After wasting a pack of frozen yucca and grated coconut, I was able to use frozen coconut milk.
Silly me~

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